Monday, March 12, 2012

Cybertron Con Singapore 2012 Details of First Day (Exclusive) Part 2 Review

Dear Transformers fans hope you put up with me for a while as i have many pictures to put in this blog for your disposal for review and comments. Fell free to see through the many pictures i have featured through the convention for this whole week. I'll be putting up the Cybertron Convention Reviews part by part to the very precise details to keep you interested and updated. I was very much thrilled with the exhibits so i hope you do too.

Well first and foremost after the opening ceremony we had a tour of the whole convention walk through even before the crowds could go in and take a look themselves and that particularly was very amazing for me.

We had a tea break session after the tour and the tour guide given to us was a very amazing dude too.

So i'll get to it immdiately !!!!!!

As you can see here this was our meal given to us for the convention !!!! 
More pictures follows ......

Yes people lots of food !!!

Presenting the Autobot and Decepticon Logo cake which was very eatable . But i had to take this picture to show it to you guys. Below will be another hot tasty autobot logo.

Tasty tasty !!!!

This was the entry part of the convention when you went in. This was the first part before you go deeper into the convention ......

And these are the cardboard made character Ratchet. They put the decepticons and autobot on both left and right side of the entrance before the viewing gallery .

And these are the galleries of toys but don't worry this is just the first part and i know it isn't close enough to be seen but i'll have it in detailed close up of the entire gallery of toys for this convention for all of you to see !!!! cos i don't want you to miss the details !!!!

The large Optimus Prime for the convention was also put .

This was the press interview with Harland Chun Hasbro's Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific. I got to see this live in front of me that's why i managed to get this photoshoot. But i didn't listen so much as i was very interested in the exhibits around me. I was so thrilled and carried away that i didn't really notice anybody around me and the tour guide got lost and tried to get our attention back to the tour again. But like i said it was so hard to get our attention back !!!!!!!!

Everybody was trying to get the limited edition Optimus Prime Trailer with the coin. It was also signed by one of the VIP's from Hasbro too. So people were waiting for it in queue. The first 100 sets were signed and after that there won't be any signature for this set anymore well i suppose.

Well it thought of getting this coin alone with Optimus Prime's Head imprinted on it but they sold it together with the Optimus Prime which i wasn't interested in. Sigh !!!!!!

So couldn't get that coin alone.

As you can see here this was the queue, of people trying to get the first 100 sets of the Optimus Prime with Trailer set and signed !!!!! 

This is a custom made Optimus Prime by our local Singapore designers and artists. This was just one of them i'll show you more of the other collections as we go along for this Convention Review the next few days in detail .

Well this will be the end for now. Check it out i heard 15,000 fans turned up for the Cybertron con 2012 event in the first day !!!!!

Well keep it up people and keep Transformers alive forever !!! I'll be back shortly....

oh yeah before i forget !!!!!

There was a shop in the Cybertron convention which sold toys for the fans who would potentially buy the toys. And guess what ............

Autobot Ratchet (Robots in disguise)

And Arcee (Robots in Disguise) was released too exclusively for this particular convention and it as selling at S $32.90 that is singapore dollars. Well up to you guys to decide to buy it or not !!!!! Laterzzz ..........