Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cybertron Con Singapore 2012 Opening Ceremony Details (11 March 2012) Exclusive Review !!!!!!

Here i will be featuring my reviews in several parts of the Cybertron Convention 2012 for the next few days. I will be putting up lots of pictures and collections for this much detailed and extended review. I was very fascinated and very overwhelmed by the toys some people had contributed to this convention for us transformers fans out there to have a look.

There were old collections and new ones too. But there were also custom made toys for the convention as well by individual collectors and artists.

I attended the opening ceremony today as to get the glimpse of the whole event and i was very much excited and was taking pictures of the collections everywhere. I was practically in Transformers paradise. The sad part of the event was that it made me look back at my childhood memories as a toy collector and as a toy lover and was sad that i didn't manage to get this earlier editions of most of the toys which were featured here in this particular convention.

But nevertheless i could take a look at it for free as i had the media passes for the event and the convention was given to me for free and i could look at the entire event even before the general public was given a chance to look at. They envied us as we were the first few to get a glimpse of the whole event before the crowds started to gather in.

And without furthur ado i will go right in to the event which had me start this review in the first place. 

Yup these are the Media passes which i got !!! That gave me a chance to go in for free and freely roam like a bird probably Laserbeak !!!  

Oh Yeah !!! the file behind the media passes below with the Hasbro logo is classified. It's only for me to find out and explore. I can't tell much about that to you, what i can say it's classified content !!!!!! HA HA HA ...........

The goodie bag i got when i registered for the convention and it's only given to special people like me. What i'm trying to say is that not everybody got it only the Media and the VIP's got it.

So i was really honored !!!!

Inside the goodie bag was a KRE-O Mirage with a number on it. I think it's a limited Edition.
I don't really understand when they said 119 pieces ???

The back of the package.

A KRE-O 2012 calendar for me as well. Cool isn't it. I'm so priviliged.

This was the staging area of the Cybertron Convention. It was just before the entrance where everybody was looking forward to. I was seated among this crowd. And it's only entitled to VIP's and the Media !!!!!!! Yup privilige privilige privilige !!!!!!

The program commenced when we were all seated ready for the opening ceremony.

Hasbro Vip's giving his speech before the opening.

After the speech the Resorts world together with Hasbro with thier combined effort started to press on the 2 knobs above together inwards.

As you can see here the knobs go inwards !!!!

And the square cube pops up as you can see kicking off the opening of the Cybertron Con 2012 at the Resorts world convention center Singapore. 

A closer look at the cube which i have shown here from my earlier post reference from above.

And this was the entrance behind the staging area which was the actual entrance to the Transformers Convention. As you can see everybody wasn't allowed to go in just yet.

We were the ones asked to tour first before everybody else tried to rush in.

Optimus prime comes out !!!!
Before our tour with the hot babe !!!

The lady has a very nice smile don't you think. She is very photogenic she goes well with my camera shot. Perfect !!!!!!

This is the cube you will see first before you enter the actual convention entrance to the exhibits of Cybertron Con 2012. 

The Snack bar towards the entrance selling Bumblebee water tumblers !!!! Cool .

And this is the actual entrance towards the Exhibition before the exhibits and viewing galleries are shown to the public. this will be the end of the opening part of the Cybertron Con so far.The next few days i will show the exhibits and the details inside the convention itself so that you fans out there will know what went on. Don't worry you got me for that and i won't let you down. That's what i'm here for assisting you in this blog tour of the convention. So more coming up soon. Keep it here as always. Farewell for now.