Sunday, March 18, 2012

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Deluxe Arcee Exclusive update !!!!

Dear Transformers Fans i hope you can put up with me for a few days for i will be a bit busy doing my stuff with work and i won't be updating much for the following week but i will definitely keep you posted about the latest happening in the toy world that's for sure. There are some toys i have been collecting for the past week and i just get my hands on some hot new stuff which i think you may like very much for those Arcee Fans from Transformers Prime !!!!!!

Well i managed to get my hands on the latest Transformers Prime (Robots in disguise) Arcee. Well for me i just collected it but im not really all that impresses about it but i just posted just in case you fans out there would like this particular toy character from the Transformers Prime series.

Well this is Arcee as you all know it the most latest edition.

The colors are still ok with me.

This is the back of the package. This particular edition of Arcee comes with a particularly long cannon type of gun, which she holds in her hands and it attaches to the front of Arcee's vehicle mode at her front tires.

Just wanted you people out there to make the difference between the two Arcee's the first Edition version and the latest Robots in disguise version.

There is a color difference between the 2 types of  editions. Well if you ask me i'll definitely the first edition version Arcee as she looks more cool and more accurate to the Animated series. But nevertheless i am collecting all the characters from the Transformers Prime series too as they are also very important for me to complete the collection.

I also have taken the back of both the packages to make you see the differences between the toy characters.

And this is the First Edition close up of Arcee. Hope you like this mini review of the new toy i have shown in this blog . I'll be definitely be updating other characters as well in time to come and more new collections.

More Cybertron con pictures and photographs too coming your way cos i have't completed showing you all the pictures from the event itself. But it was really awesome. And i wouldn't want you people to miss you in this fun filled entertainment !!!!

So keep it here, Well Laterzzz!!!