Monday, May 21, 2012

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Bulkhead Review !!!!

After much thought and consideration I have decided to review this particular guy when people at my Youtube channel and facebook were requesting for it. I have had this guy for almost a month now and it's only appropriate for me to review this fantastic toy which was recently released. So brace yourselves people for the Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Voyager Bulkhead below this paragraph.

Look at the detailed colors on him. I think they are really fantastic. This time around the colors are much more better and brighter then my previous post of the First Edition Voyager.

As you can see here there is a clear Autobot Logo on his left shoulder that isn't shown in the First Edition version of t.he toy. And the shoulder areas have a black coloring to make the red looking Autobot logo stand out !!!!

A very cool close up of Bulkhead don't you think ???

Next below will be the side views and rear view respectively.

As you can see form the above sideviews of Bulkhead there is a lot of details in the articulation. The side view looks so much in detail and precision that i was also taken a back by the details done for this version of Bulkhead compared with the First Edition.

Next will be the weapons on Bulkhead's arms. This time around he is given 2 weapons which can be combined as well to fit into both of his arms. 

Pictures for your reference below this line.

I think this version of the weapon is completely heavy duty and much larger when combined to be used by bulkhead. But do take not although the ball is what he usually uses as the weapon the other extras like what you see here isn't featured in the animated series ....

Okay next in line in these pictures below is the Vehicle mode of bulkhead.

As you can see from the above pictures the vehicle mode of bulkhead is fantastic as well. There isnt much difference from the First Edition version but it's quite cool as a vehicle mode to have as well !!!!

Next pictures below are the Bulkhead vehicle in attack mode as well !!!! Which is even more cooler !!!!

So this picture will be the last of the Review of bulkhead !!!!! 

For me what i can tell you and advice you is that this is a very nice toy to have and to make things simple for yourself i would say go get it. This version of Bulkhead is equally nice as like it's First edition counterpart but it's just more slimmer in design but the articulation and design in both versions of the toys are equally good as well !!!! 

Well from what i observe of bulkhead and starscream Voyagers for Transformers Prime is that Bulkhead is finishing much faster then Starscream !!!! So i think you should get it fast after seeing my review of this awesome toy !!!!

Laterzz People as i am going to give you more toy reviews and more surprising new stuff  to be reviewed here as well !!!!!!!

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  1. here there are some voyager first edition
    obviously i'm going for bulkhead
    but i wanna get this one as well, hey can you post a picture of the hood from inside?
    i still wanna think there is a way to collapse it to make the chest rather than the belly