Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marvel Vintage Collections bought back in 1996 !!!!! Magneto from The Age of Apocalypse and Mysterio From the Old Spiderman Animated series.

Hi, i'm back again with another old school review of my toys back in 1996 which i bought. Actually i can't imagine it myself that it has been so long that i have had these toys. Well anyways i just wanted to put it out so that some old collectors will have some idea how these old vintage collections actually look like back then. Well first of all i wanted to talk about this Character called Magneto. This Magneto is one of my favorite of all and it is one collection for keeps. Never ever letting it go as what you will see from my next few pictures.

Look at how cool Magneto looks like with his long hair and muscular arms and legs, these details were put in very well despite the technology more then 16 years ago used to create the toy. But the looks are still there the authentic look of Magneto his classic red outfit.

You can see here from the side view that Magneto's arms and legs are all made in perfect balance including the muscle definitions in the toy itself.

The back here as you can see there is cape which looks so great with Magneto. You must take note that the cape itself can be removed so it's quite cool. And if you look from this angle it seems that the cape has a kind of soft windy type of feel. That is also rather cool.

And who can ever forget the Helmet which Magneto wears. I have put it in his hands for a great pose. This is actually the classic Helmet design from the old uncanny X-Men series as well, which bears the same design.

And as you can see this is the Helmet he wears. Which is removable.

Okay next in line after Magneto is Mysterio !!!! This version of Mysterio is from the animated cartoon series back in 1996. During that time the toys were very animated looking because of the animated series was still rather cartoonish in looks so did the toys as well. You can see that Mysterio has also that cartoonish look.

But despite the cartoonish look of Mysterio he is still one vintage figure which i will never let go. It's really a good display item in my vintage Marvel collections.

This version of Mysterio was one of the most authentic.

Just a top angled view of his head as you can see here. The holes at the from and at the foot can shoot water out as they can be filled up from behind as you will see in my later pictures.

As you can see here the arms are all well crafted. It seems that the 90's version of the toys, they concentrated more on the muscles of the toy definitions when they made it seems much more bulkier and bigger then the recent Marvel toy collections.

And the purplish spout you see is where the water contains and you gotta remove it so that you can fill up water to be spurted out from the front !!!!

And this is the last picture for this rather short review of these vintage collection figures.

There will be more interesting toys and all types of hot hot toys which i will be updating here so keep it here where latest toy events and all type of stuff happens, when it comes to toys collecting !!!! Cheerzzz.

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