Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics delivered by BigBadToyStore very promptly !!!!!!!

Hey there people i ordered some of my Masters Of The Universe Classics action figure from BigBadToyStore and boy was i surprised when i got the package early this morning in singapore. I ordered around a week back but they were prompt in delivering the package of toys to me. Amazing isn't it ??? Big Bad Toy Store is definitely one of the toy merchants i recommend for my special rare toy needs which i can order from them.

The package pictures are below.

The BBTS on the package stands for their website which also bears the same name (Big Bad Toy Store).

Well delivered to my doorstep today. So this verifies that Big Bad store is indeed a reliable source for good quality toys and also a very prompt service as well.

They have several payment options as well.

They also give you the details once you have ordered your toys so that you can check the status of your order online.

Well that's for that. But here the interesting part comes in and that is you need to see what i ordered which was in the package in the first place. Well surprise !!!! I'll let you know later in my youtube channel so keep it here.

I'll be updating more toy merchants and orders in this blog for you to get information and sources about where you can get your toys as well. Not only am i reviewing and selling but i'm also giving you other info as well for you toy collectors. Am i nice or what !!!! Cheerzzz !!!!!