Tuesday, June 5, 2012

G.I.JOE Retaliation Cobra Commander Action figure with Cobra Staff which fires !!!!!s

Recently i have also acquired an interest in collecting G.I.JOE retaliation action figures and also G.I.JOE vehicls and i think i will collect the entire collection. The action figure for G.I.JOE this time is fantastic. They are very well designed and very well articulated. The details in the action figures are truly fantastic in the making. Which actually comes to my topic about this action figure which i'm gonna talk about. The Cobra commander Action figure below.

Look at the fantastic uniform and also the action figure with the pistol. The vest across his chest and the belt around his waist are fantastic. Actually it's a remake of all the old classic action figures of G.I.JOE but with a new enhanced and much improved look ????

This pose is of the machine gun his second weapon which comes with this particular toy character. I think that this character for this toy is amazing The gun pose i made for Cobra commander makes it look like really he's holding his weapon in attack mode !!!!

A side pose of our Cobra commander. The boots on him also look so real and authentic for the Classic Cobra commander.  And look at the gun pouch at the side of him. This contains his pistol.

A very detailed closer look of the Cobra commander's Logo. A very old classic logo which is still being reused after all this years and the paint job for this action figure is truly fantastic. See the weapon for this action figure as well, i think it's really done in detail as you can see in close up. Look at the collors around Cobra Commander's neck. It's also one of the best in design as well up till the button done at the top of the neck.

This is the kind of rope which clings on to his left arm shoulder area.

The helmet looking behind of Cobra commander is also nice as well.

And who can ever forget Cobra Commander's look of the face. But take note the old way cobra commander's headgear was a king of red hood or black hood i should say.

Now its like a Cobra's head with a metal face structure.

Next i will show you the weapon which comes with this package which is the Cobra staff with a launching Missile Function.

A close up of the Cobra staff.

The red blue colors of the Staff are absolutely nice in colors.

This is the Missile which goes into the Cobra staff's mouth which can be used to shoot out from the mouth.

And this will be the last picture for the review of the Cobra Commander figure from the G.I. Joe Retaliation Toy line. As promised and siad by me i'll be featuring lots of new toys in the upcoming weeks and also months of all the new classic toys which are also out at the moment and boy are they amazing to collect besides my usual Transformers Toys. I will be featuring also rarities if other toys in th market which are quite hard or difficult to get but i will somehow get it and shoe it to you as a review in this blog as well !!!! Well Laterzzz !!! ladies and gentlemen !!!!!