Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DOTM Leader Class Sentinel Prime Picture Review !!!!!

Dear Collectors have been very unsure which toys to review lately so i decided to make one of the earlier leader class toys which i had bought some time back last year and since i haven't done a review on the leader class toys lately other then voyagers and deluxe class toys i will be reviewing leader class toys as well for your collectors. Leader Class toys for Transformers toys are the best as they are more detailed in design and more coll looking as well. As what had brought me to give you a review of this particular toy and pictorial review.

Sentinel Prime !!!!!

For me i think Sentinel Prime is one of the best toys to come out in the DOTM Toy line. And he has very nice bright colors and very well articulated parts and design as well. This toy though is quite big as it is leader class and Sentinel Prime has to be put on display in a very unique shelf if you have one with good lighting to bring out his real charisma !!!!!

Here he is holding his sword. This is the first time i have seen in the movie toy line that a Transformers character is given a very big sword !!!! This sword can be folded as well, to make it fit into his vehicle mode as well.

A look from behind Sentinel Prime's back as you can see are the tow R's which represent the brand of the Rosenbaur Panther Firetruck which is what he transforms into. The best part of Sentinel Prime is when you see him in robot mode it's really hard to see what he actually loks like in vehicle mode as the vehicle mode and the Tires are all well concealed thus not really revealing what his alternate vehicle mode is !!!

The 2 weapons which make Sentinel Prime complete. His shield and his sword !!!!!

Close up of Sentinel Prime. Sentinel Prime has very nice facial features as well. The 2 black horn type of pointy things coming out from his face is really unique. And his head closely resembles Optimus Prime as well. Very well crafted toy as far as i can say. Sentinel Prime is a Masterpiece in the making.

Just combined both his weapons like what is being done for the vehicle attack mode for Sentinel Prime as you will see in the next few pictures below.

Look at that the fantastic attack mode of Sentinel Prime when he transforms into a vehicle. Well what i can say is that this attack mode wasn't featured in the movie but it's a bonus feature for the toy version. It looks so much like a modern attack tank type of vehicle doesn't it !!!!

As you can see from this picture the sides of the back part of the vehicle come out like they have a kind of open cannon attack from behind.

Just to give you a more clearer look from this top view angle as you can see the overall attack mode of Sentinel Prime's Vehicle mode.

This feature is also cool as a display but in this case you must get 2 of them. One to be displayed as a robot and one in this cool attack mode.

Well the next few pictures below is the vehicle mode of Sentinel Prime without the attack mode.

The original Rosenbauer Panther fire truck mode.

Look at this awesome firetruck which is like the real thing !!!! I find this vehicle the most coolest of them all compared to other vehicle in the DOTM Movie line toys. The colors of this Firetruck was well chosen for Sentinel Prime's vehicle mode. It's colors are fantastic the labeling of the vehicle itself and the overall outlook.

Well this would be the last picture for this review of Sentinel Prime more great stuff coming your way as well. I have acquired quite a bit of cool toy collections for the following months and i will feature all type of toys here as well. Transformers will all ways be an all time favorite but this time i'm gonna show you the most hottest toy collections in the market to come by. I will be featuring more fan pages of particular toys as well.

So keep it here and my facebook toy updates as well. Cheerzzz !!!

And go get your Sentinel Prime. It's just awesome toy not to be missed.....