Friday, June 8, 2012

ROTF Voyager The Fallen (Megatronus Prime) Short Review !!!!

Dear fans and fellow collectors i wanna interest you in one of the Transformers Movie Classic Characters The Fallen (Megatronus Prime) in my review. I think you should know by now that the The Fallen was the brotherhood of the Primes before he turned evil and was the first original decepticon and Megatron took him as a mentor and started this alliance called the Decepticons which comes back to this particular character for my review. I have always seen as The Fallen one of the best looking toys in the ROTF Movie, besides Megatron and some others. 

I actually bought this guy some months back but decided to do a review of it for those who had some issues about getting him. Well this review will open up your mind and see the pictorial view of The Fallen below. Megatronus Prime was given the name The Fallen after he betrayed his brothers. And this picture below is the guy which is called The Fallen !!!!

Look at the authentic look of The Fallen an alien looking robot with unique Robot features. It looks like an ancient robot and the Movie creators and artists did an awesome job in creating this. As this is one of the first time this character wasn't released so that's why i find this particular character very intriging and unique.

This character of The Fallen is exactly done like what it looks like in the ROTF The Transformers Movie. The colors are out but the overall design and characteristic of this guy is still there for your taking.

A look from behind of the Fallen.

And here nothing more then a classic close up of Megatronus Prime !!!!!

As you can see here since he was the first original decepticon as mentioned by Jetfire in the ROTF Movie. Megatron followed this guy's footsteps and also if you see his face closely it actually represents the decepticon logo which his face bears the design itself. Thus creating the Decepticon logo and the decepticons alliance themselves !!!!

Actually i always preferred to call him Megatronous Prime rather then The Fallen as what he was mostly called in the movie and the package of this toy itself.

As you can see here the red type of flaps are all the energy absorbing panels which his robot form has to absorb power when he activates the machine to drain the sun's energy.

The flaps can be folded backwards and also taken out at the same time,if you don't wanna see it.

Another Classic pose of The Fallen (Megatronous Prime) .

Next i will show you the vehicle mode of The Fallen which is a kind of Space Alien Jet. But take note this mode was made for the sake of the toy itself. But in the movie The Fallen doesn't transform to this particular mode, well in fact he doesn't at all. He just remains a robot throughout the Movie without a vehicle mode for himself.

Though the vehicle form isn't that very interesting for me to change it but it's still cool in design as you can see here. The transformation mode for The Fallen is actually quite easy as he has quite rigid joints and also not much poses  can be done for his type of body flexibility or shape.

This top view of the Fallen's vehicle mode will give you a clearer picture of how it looks like.

And for me well i think that it's awesome, but it's better to use The Fallen as a robot for display so that people will actually know that it's him.

Well this will be the last picture for this review of the Fallen. More toys coming your way and more interesting toy reviews and exclusive info for all of you who have been supporting and following me as well. 

Hope you will get this toy, The Fallen as this toy will definitely arise again in another Transformers Franchise so it will be good if you had one.

Well with that laterzzz !!!!