Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MOTU Classics Action Figures Recieved From Big Bad Toy Store

Just sent you toy lovers and MOTU Classic lovers a box shipment post i received from Big Bad Toy store yesterday. Today i'm gonna show you the contents in the package.It's none other then ..... please see the pictures below.

Yes people i have got Adora !!!! one of the pieces i ordered.

Yes i got Bow as well. Bow is an important character to have from the MOTU as he is always closely fighting alongside the great rebellion also known as the rebels and he is always with Adora and She-ra.Well i think he is a thing for She-ra i guess.

And this classic Bad guy from the Evil Horde.

Yes that's Hordak !!!!

The set of MOTU will never be complete with Hordak has he is the leader of the Horde !!!!

Well in the coming days i will feature more toys i have ordered and more hot toys coming your ways for great reviews and for you toy lovers out there to see and review and compare the various toy s coming out in the 21st century.

Go go toy collectors and lovers.