Monday, December 24, 2012

MOTU Classics Battle Armor Skeletor Action Figure Review !!!!!!

Hello there people i am back with a huge bunch of toys for review and boy have i got tons of work to do for all of you.

But seriously i enjoy sharing it with all of you.

Well with that i have now another new toy from my ongoing collections to be featured and now i shall jump straight into the review without wasting much time for my introduction.

This is the Masters Of The Universe Classics Collections action figure review of Battle Armor Skeletor which i have recently acquired but i though of giving it a bit of a longer review so you guys out there will have an idea what are the details of this toy.

With that this is Battle Armor Skeletor.

The colors on Battle Armor Skeletor are truly awesome. He is really well colored and painted to look exactly like his authentic Classic look from the 80's. If it wasn't for the details being shown people would have easily thought that this was the action figure from the 80's !!!!!

His outlook from behind is also great.The Armor he wears goes well and praportinately with his Body Structure. And the color also blends with his overall outlook as well.

Okay this is actually the fun part the chest armor and the battle damaged chest plates can be removed from Skeletor's body ..... the looks are still all about the same but it doesn't follow the rolling action of the damaged chest plates like this one which was from the 80's classic Battle Armor Action Figure. But it has exactly the same look though and the chest plates can attached individually to suit your style or look of Skeletor with your favorite battle damaged chest plates.

Next i will be showing you the plain action figure of skeletor without this above Chest armor and Battle damaged chest plates.

His whole body internally is colored Purple with a slight metallic touch to it. Now you know exactly how this MOTU Classics Action Figure Works !!!!! with the Battle Armor.

And for this picture above i have changed the single slash chest plate for Skeletor.

And for this picture above it's the double slash !!!!

Well that's how the whole battle armor action works with this new version of Battle Armor Skeletor's 80's remake. Amazing isn't it ???

For the Package of Battle Armor Skeletor he comes with his 3 chest plates and armor and his battle axe like the one for Battle Armor He-man. This time his axe is also purplish in color just like armor's color.

And last but not least the picture below will be the last picture for this particular review.

That is the close up of Skeletor.

Hope you guys out there love this review as much as i have enjoyed presenting it to you.

This is one action figure not to be surpassed !!!! and you should get this guy if you don't already have him. His is really hot selling and i don't think he will be available after this brief offer period from So you gotta get him as soon as possible so that you will avoid disappointment.

Anyways Masters Of The Universe Classics Action figures are always limited in stock and they usually don't make a big amount for the masses like Transformers or other popular toys. Well i do understand that from my perspective as it is a real adult collector's gender and for generations from the 80's who were kids then and now they are all grown up adults and this is a childhood dream for me and for lots others who had grown up with these toys.

So collectors and toy enthusiasts get your collections fast before they are completely phased out completely.

With that i shall end my review and shall return with more interesting toy reviews and surprise collections where all people are anticipating me for a review. Cheerzz people. And thanks Mattel for giving me an awesome figure to buy and to collect.