Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nintendo Gameboy The Revolutionary Starter of Handheld gaming !!!!!

Hello there this is another recap of the Classic gaming system which has revolutionised the age of handheld gaming. I used to pay with this game console almost everyday when i bought it. It was actually shared by my brother and me and we actually took turns to play it but eventually i ended up playing it myself. The Nintendo Gameboy.

It had no colors though. All were 2D games but all were put into one really cool cartridge which could be inserted into the system for game playing pleasure. My parents anted to save money so they eventually ended up buying a singular cartridge of games which had almost 200 games !!!!!  And they were so fun to play with.

Imagine what has happened since then. It was almost 2 decades ago. The PSP and Nintendo DS and other game consoles had completely taken over.....but we should never forget the thing which started it all in the first place.

This system was our ancestor in the handheld game industry !!!!!

Well there we have it. but this was the yellow version. The reason why i got it is because the white one was very common and i didn't want to have the same thing everybody had !!!

Well, I'll be back again for more cool reviews.See ya later !!!!!