Thursday, September 5, 2013

Panini Road to 2014 World Cup Brazil Sticker Album Review !!!!

Hello there people back again with my posts !!!! Well this time it's another favorite of mine from a very young age like the toys i'm addicted too as well.

This is a passion as well and a mad obsession i tell ya. It's the Panini brand sticker collections from the 80's ...till now. And this company is still going strong sticker album collections which are still very much addictive to kids and adults like myself !!!!

Well this is the road to world cup 2014 brazil sticker album which is an initial follow up preview before the actual world cup in brazil next year. These are the picture below of the sticker album !!!

Well above is the picture of the packets containing the stickers which is need to be pasted on the book.

Well i got my self plenty of them !!!!

And the next few pictures are the various players which are featured in stickers as well which you may or may not be familiar with !!!!

Well with that as you can see right here it will be the end of this posting for this part.

I intend to complete this book and sticker album complete with all the players and all the stickers which comes with it. And i may be selling the completed album to all you guys if you want them !!!

I will also feature extra stickers sales as well so feel free to leave me a comment or interest on the various stickers you are interested in and leave me a message and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Well with that cheerzz people and see ya laterzz !!!