Friday, April 19, 2013

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Voyager Ultra Magnus Toy Review !!!!!

Dear people although i'm on a break for a certain period now but i still update you on the latest toy collections so far.I just couldn't leave you all waiting for me to arrive with new reviews and make you anticipate in anxiety. Well enough said i am making more reviews later next month after this longer break and i will introduce more toys for all to see.

This is a toy i collected a while ago and i would like to give you now the full review of him after a much long time i had played with him.

He is none other then Ultra Magnus !!!!

Yup the amazing Ultra Magnus as he is !!!!. Boy is he cool !!!!

Here in the above picture as you can see is the weapon he is holding on his right arm and the missile on his left arm. Actually i don't really know what weapon he's holding is called but i suppose it's a cool  weapon suited to him.

This picture above is the rear side of him.

And here in the above picture as you can see is the weapon fits accurately into his back where you can see a hole where it is fitted into.

When the weapon is put Ultra Magnus doesn't really loose balance. You just have to put him in a proper position to make him stand in the required standing posture.

Here in the above picture as you can see is a clearer look of how his weapon looks like. The top bluish part of the weapon doesn't stretch well into place you gotta pull it out manually. So you won't be able to fix the position of the weapon to his arms though.

And here is the awesome close up of Ultra Magnus. 

Well the next few pictures after this will be Ultra Magnus in his vehicle mode !!!!!

A kind of truck rather similar to Optimus !!!!

Here in the above picture as you can see you will notice is the missile and weapon attached to his vehicle in attack mode !!!!

Well the attack mode is really cool is you were to ask me for an honest opinion.

I have seen so many toys and i think this attack mode seems more appropriate on Ultra Magnus as a robot !!!

Well the above picture ladies and gentlemen will be the last picture for this particular to review.

Needless to say Ultra Magnus is an awesome toy and robot to collect and to have. As far as i am concerned  Ultra Magnus has already been sold out in singapore. So i wouldn't now about other regions around asia or the world for that matter.

He was one of the most popular voyagers to hit the stores.

With that i will end this toy review as what you all had anticipated.

I'll be back !!!!

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