Saturday, April 20, 2013

MOTU Classics Fang Man in hand !!!!

Hello there people let me share with you my newly acquired cool figurine for this month !!!! It is also a subscriber priority to get this particular figure and it's the amazing Fang Man !!!! Let me tell you this figure is really awesome and it's really cool as well. Check out my Masters Of the Universe Classics for sale at my blog website here as well. All the links are at my sidebars here as mentioned.  

With that let me present to you the image of the toy in the package !!!!

Well people this action figure speaks for itself and i have no say but to just to sit and stand still and stare at this wonderfully awesomely articulated figurine.

This is one of the best figurines from mattycollector to ever come by especially King He-man. So people brace yourselves there are more Masters Of The Universe Calssics Action figure to be put in my blog here for reviews so be here to check it out often !!!!

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