Monday, April 29, 2013

He-man 2002 Modern Version Cross Variant Action Figure !!!!!

Hello there people i have now been collecting all the older versions of the He-man toys from the past but not the vintage 80's though !!!! This version i have is the rare version of the cross variant chest plate of He-man which is quite rare and not in production anymore.The reason i bought this collection is because the modern version of He-man in the 2002 version animated series were simply unique and cool as well. It was actaully the better version of the remake of the Classic He-man. There were actually the other version as well but this was the best so far of the remake of the Classics He-man series from the 80's.

So the toys are now are also equally rare as they are not reproducing it anymore. This version of the action figure depicts the same sword as King He-man . But the only difference is the sword has a clean undamaged version and the best part of this sword's feature it can turn at the bottom unlike the one for king he-man which is just one solid sword !!!!

I will review in comparison of both the powerswords in my youtube channel and give you an idea for the moment i will just present to you the pictures first.

Let me tell you mine is still new in the package !!!!

Yup isn't he unique ???

Well this time he is in the package i will review him out of the package as i am buying extras of this action figures from the Masters Of The Universe Series other then the classics which i am also collecting as well.

Look at the center of the chest plate it is just 4 sides.

And this above picture is the back of the package featuring all the other characters in the line.

Well enjoy guys i will now bring my toy reviews with a whole new twist in a sense i will update you all with all my old and latest collections and let you all see the various toys i have had which will take everybody by surprise !!!

See ya soon !!!!