Friday, April 26, 2013

McDonald's Happy meal Toys in Singapore Featuring Hotwheels and Barbie collectibles !!!!!

Hello there this posting comes here with a twist !!!! This is my most recently acquired collections from McDonald's in Singapore !!!! Boy they are cool !!!!. Here i have the Hotwheels and the Barbie toys which comes with this unique collection when you buy a Happy Meal in Singapore !!!!

I think this is the first time McDonald's as far as i remember were featuring toys after some time ago !!!! Well i bought it as i am an obvious toy collector. But the toy cars are rather plastic then it's actual Hotwheels Counter part which are in the stores. But nevertheless they are similar in looks..

Well check out the picture of the Happy Meal toy from McDonald's Singapore !!!!

Here are the ones i told you about they were put in the package as Team Hotwheels !!!!

The Cars have cool names as well !!!!

Here in the above picture as i had told you on the right side of the car is the Barbie Doll display figure as well. But do take note that they are much smaller in size then the actual Barbie doll from Mattel which are in the actual toy stores as well. So Don't be disappointed but nevertheless it's a replica in a smaller version which is much easier to keep and to have and boy her hair can be combed down as well as there is a comb in the package !!! Well don't wanna ruin your surprise !!!! But go to Mcdonald's and get one yourself !!!!

Then you will have the actual idea kids and adult collectors !!!!

Here is the Sample of the hotwheels plastic car !!!!

And boy it's cool !!!! The sticker comes with it as well for you to paste on top of the car's body.

And here is the actual Barbie doll inside the Barbie doll package !!!

Cool !!!! Go get it !!! i won't show you more then this !!!

I'll see ya soon !!! Happy eating and feasting !!!!!!!!

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