Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Digimon Virtual pets by Bandai bought back in 1997 !!!!!

Hello there people i'm back as usual with a vintage toy review !!!! Yes this was bought back in 1997 and boy it does bring back the 20th century memories. This is non other then the Digimon back in 1997 which i bought and it was very interesting then because of the digital age and it was then that the computers did not emerge just yet.

But the digital age was about to begin. So this Digimon virtual pet took the world by storm !!!! i was insane over them as well.

I digged back the junk which i used to have and found this and guess what they are still in working condition.

Yes you got that right the original Digimon.

Memories,memories and more memories.

Well what can i say i hope i have left you speechless !!!!

The condition of the toy is rather old and aged but it's all working and in excellent condition.

Like i told you they are working !!!!

Both of them.

Yup both even the yellow here in the above picture is working.

I hope i have brought back memories for those people who had lived during the 90's era growing up as a teenager or as a child because this toy was the turn of the century and it really was a breakthrough in the technological age and this brought about all the digital and virtual games which came about up till now.

And this was one of the initial starters of the electronic age.

With that i end this review of this toy which has definitely brought back my memories.

I'll be back for more reviews till then cheerzz people.

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