Saturday, April 20, 2013

MOTU Classics King He-man with Subternia Map in Hand !!!!!

Dear toy collectors i'm back with another review of my latest figure from my subscriptions from Matty Collector. This is really Pure Gold !!!!! This is none other then King He-man with the Subternia Map.

The Map Shows Subternia during the reign of King Skeletor !!!! What ever that is !!!

And i am gonna show you all the Brand new King He-man unopened in mint condition in the package !!!!! Wow !!!!

Scream people scream !!!! This can't get any better then it's already have.

Well as you can see there are many instances where there is always a figure which you can get. But you don't get any figure like this any time so soon in a century !!!! This is really an awesome collector master piece. And guess what i'm selling him too as i had bought extra subscriptions for this Masters Of The Universe Classics action figures from Mattycollector.

The Back of the package features King He-man's bio and all the collectible figures from

Well this toy speaks for itself.

Next i'm gonna show you the Subternia map which came with my king He-man which is only avialbe to subscribers as well. Too bad this is an unfair world i would say.

This above picture shows the Map folded and the next picture after this below this header will be the whole map unfolded and damn it's so colorful.

Yup people the full subternia map in full color, isn't this awesome !!!!

Well with this small introduction about this awesome figure i shall end my reviews for the moment i'll be back again. Enjoy the awesome view of king He-man !!!!

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