Sunday, April 28, 2013

MOTU Classics Keldor Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hello there hope you all like my postings the last few days of all the updates i was trying to keep you all in the loop on the toy world to the best of my abilities !!!!

Well as all of you know i am still constantly updating my MOTU Classics Collections as well consistently until i have collected all of them !!!! Well this is just one of them !!! This is awesome figure and one of the most important guys to collect as he is the guy before he was turned into Skeletor !!!

Well here he is Keldor !!!!

As you can see from the above picture Keldor still has that bluish color to his skin and his face as well.

He bears the same outfit just like Skeletor but a bit less modified but you get the picture right ???

This pose below this is one of the best poses i did for this particular action figure.

It just shows the personality of Keldor !!! And as you can see there is a Dark Puplish cape on the back of him !!!!

And as you can see from the picture above the cape is shown and Keldor's rather long hair which actually renders the movement of his head to go sideways for a nice cool pose. You gotta remove his long cape (which is removable) to get him to turn his head completely the way you want him to.

This picture above is the "Acid" Vial which was the one which scarred Keldor's face when he battled his brother King Randor and became deformed. Then with that Keldor went to Hordak for help and Hordak transformed him to Skeletor.

The picture above as you can see is the other accessory which comes with Keldor. They are actually 2 halves of one sword split into half to go on both hands of Skeletor. It can also be combined into one sword.

You will see the combined version of the sword in my later pictures below.

Yup the above picture shows the combined version of the sword which Keldor is holding.

Well the above picture will be my last picture for this review. Well at the moment Keldor is sold at Mattycollector but i don't know for how long !!!! Before Keldor was on sale it was Skeletor and the second batch also got sold out !!!!

So if Skeletor had already sold out then it's a matter of time before Keldor gets the same fate !!!

So don't wait up and go get him faster if not the only alternative is to get from collectors like myself !!! Ha ha ha !!! Well enjoy your weekends ladies and gentlemen i will see you all very soon. Cheerzzzz !!!!

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