Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Trashpack Series 1 Ultra Rare Trashies in hand !!!!!

Hello there people here i will feature the Ultra rare Trashies from the Trashpack Series 1. Hope you all will enjoy this col collections of mini monsters which can totally make you mad collecting as everybody tries to get the Rare trashies and that will keep you buying and buying like a drug addiction.

Well as mentioned earlier this picture below show the Ultra Rare trashies which i think most of you collectors may or may not have.

From left of this picture starting from the yellow color Trashie, i will mention their names respectively.

Chicky Pox #165, Bird Flu #157, Scum gum #034, Germ Worm #093 and Bin Pig #121.

Hope you will like this collection of mine and i will be back for more reviews and interesting collections fr all of you out there to see.