Friday, October 19, 2012

WWE Diva Alicia Fox Superstar # 62 Mattel Action figure Review !!!!

I'm back for another review here and this time is the review of the most anticipated new figure from the Mattel WWE Toyline which i am so eagerly collecting and following as well.

This time this toy is the first time in the line. And this particular superstar hasn't been released before as an action figure and she is one of my most favorite superstars as well.

None other then Alicia Fox.

Alicia fox comes with a furry coat hood cover on top of her head as you can see above which is removable and i will show you that in a while.

Basically when i bought this figure i was really surprised with the type of articulation they had done with this figure itself. Mattel has improved the figurines very well and the paint job is amazing.

Her skin is tanned and dark reason being she is a black woman.

And it still brings the black outfit around her very well comparing her skin tone color.

An actual look of Alicia Fox from the back reveals her bare back with a bikini style top tied behind her.

She has very nice detailed clothing to fit her as well.

I bet Mattel will come with more versions of her with other types of dressing like when she was in the ring in WWE.

As you can see from the above picture of Alicia Fox her furry hood has been removed and it's totally removable and also it can be totally put back on her.

This time you can see her actual hairstyle and her overall look like when she is in the ring.

Sad to say this version of the figure does not come with the display stand.

Well here is the total look of her bare back with her extra clothing removed.

And here you can also see how her hair looks like from behind.

This is the close up of Alicia fox And doesn't she look awesome as a figurine itself with all that make up and a nice smile !!!!!

This will be the last picture for this particularly cool toy review but rest assured i must say that you must go get this figure if you are a true fan of this particular Diva.

I have always loved the WWE Diva toys and this is my chance to collect them as soon and as many as possible. By the way you must take note that this toy has not much flexibility from the waist down as her skirt clocks the was from moving her upper limbs but it makes a fantastic display item in your showcase if you collect just WWE Action figures.

I'll be back again with more reviews so keep it here and Cheerzzz !!!!!!