Tuesday, October 9, 2012

M.A.S.K Rhino Complete with Matt Trakker and Bruce Sato !!!! Full Vehicle Review !!!!

Dear toy collectors i am back after a long break and back with another hot review which i think will amuse you. It's the 80's M.A.S.K Vehicle vintage toy review which i had promised earlier.

And this is it the full review !!!!

This is Rhino and it is complete with the action figures and the missile !!!!

Yes isn't this a collector classic in the making ???!!!! This is one toy i needed to have as it is one of the most collected and asked about vehicle from the 80's. Back in the 80's this was such a hot toy and it was easily sold out then. And now it's even harder to get in the 21st Century. This is like a 32 year old toy !!!!

And i must tell you for a 3 decade year old toy this is in an awesome superb condition. All it's parts are working and all the toy parts are all intact with no broken parts.

These are the 2 action figures associated with this particular vehicle. They are Matt Trakker on the left and Bruce Sato on the right with their masks. Even the action figures are in awesome condition.

Next I'm gonna show you Rhino in the so called Transformed attack mode, which is so cool and so important to show all of you !!!!

And next i'm gonna show you a closeup of the insides of the vehicle itself which is really cool as well. This is the detail you people must check out as it is so detailed and it was done during the 80's era.

This is the missile which fits into the vehicle which can be shot off with a button behind the vehicle. And thankfully this part of the vehicle for me is in workable condition.

And check out the computer system which is inside of the vehicle itself. Looks so perfect.

This here as you can see Matt Trakker behind the wheel of Rhino with his Mask on. As you can see here properly the seat is ejected on the right which is one of the functions in attack mode. But this action throws out my other action figure away !!!!!

Well just to let you all know and this next picture will be the last picture for my M.A.S.K Rhino vehicle review.

As you can see here the 2 parts of the vehicle is seperated as well. This is one of the attack mode functions as well. The other small half of the vehicle can be taken out quite easily, well there isn't any button to press it out. It's completely manual removal and attachment.

Well that's about it for now so if you wanna check out more toy reviews i will update every single thing in my youtube channel for toy reviews and other cool toys as well. And people get your hands on this vintage toys as well as they are going to go extinct forever.

Cheerzz  and laterzzz !!!!!