Thursday, October 25, 2012

M.A.S.K Buzzard with Miles Mayhem and Maximus Mayhem Complete Full Vehicle Review !!!!!

I'm back with yet another vintage 80's toy review as i had promised all of you and i would like all of you to support me in this blog as much as possible as i am putting all my best and classic toy reviews in this blog for all of you to share my collections and all my special pictures of all the cool toys i have collected through the years.

Now i am back with M.A.S.K and another one of those classic vintage toy collections which is a must for any M.A.S.K Toy collector and fan as well.

It's called Buzzard !!!!!

This is the complete set of the M.A.S.K Buzzard Vehicle with Miles mayhem and Maximus Mayhem.

This toy has always been a favorite of mine as it really looks like a real racing car but " Illusion is the Ultimate Weapon " !!!!!

And the Transformation of this car is the most amazing, as you will see in my next few pictures here as well as i go along with this review.

Buzzard from the back. as you can see the back tires of the vehicle is amazing. It's made of a high quality rubber and it doesn't ware off easily. You can see from my pictures that the toy has aged quite a bit but all the parts are still very much intact and solid in look. It seems vintage toys from the 80's or a few centuries ago are much more lasting then latest toys in a sense they tend to be more brittle but very much detailed in design. But M.A.S.K toys were considered innovative for their time as they were unique and very much special in their own way.

As you can see here from the picture this is the center part of the vehicle where the driver sits and it can be removed. It reveals the robot droid which is driving it !!!!!

The Next few picture will be the Attack Transformation mode of Buzzard !!!!

The picture is below.

It splits into 2 halves of the vehicle from the center and the center part of the vehicle becomes the Robot Droid's Plane !!!!!

And as you can see here the 2 cannons can be taken out from the vehicle itself the ones which are red in color.

And these are the 2 figures which make the vehicle complete. Miles and Maximus Mayhem with thier masks removed. See the differences between the 2. They have different colored uniforms and different colored masks as well.

As you can see here the top of the covers can also be removed to put the action figures into the vehicle.

You got to tighten up the vehicle completely so that it can also fit the figurines in perfectly without them sticking out of the vehicle.

And this is the rear side view of how the figurines go into the vehicle completely without problems. You gotta figure it out if you have this vehicle.

Well this will be the end of this picture review of M.A.S.K toy Buzzard. I'll be constantly updating my facebook and blogger as well with all my toy reviews and be sure to add me in you facebook profile if you want more cool toy reviews and pictures.

With that i'll see you all soon !!!!!