Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Transformers Prime Decepticon Rumble Review Exclusive !!!!

People i'm back once again tormenting you with interesting reviews of the toys which i keep on collecting and keeping you in the know.

This time is the anticipated new toys from the Transformers Prime series again. This time is Decepticon Rumble which i just got recently and boy is he hot !!!! As you can see here from the picture below.

Rumble's coloration are simply awesome and he is one of my most favorite decepticons next to Soundwave and Megatron.

This color is used very well to blend the robot together with it's individual personality.

This is the rear view of Rumble with his very unique design and colors done to him.

Next I'm gonna show you Rumble with his weapons in attack mode which is so awesome and cool that without the weapons he is really nothing at all.

The feature is below !!!!!!!

And below is the personal closeup of Rumble a very unique and authentic decepticon.

The next few pictures are the vehicle mode of Rumble which is a kind of mini coupe.

The colors on the coupe are fantastic as well.

The Red tinted glass goes very well with the blue color in Rumble's vehicle mode.

I think this is the first ever Transformers toy i have ever had which has very brightly colored mixture of colors. But nevertheless the design of this car is cool !!!!!

The hole behind the vehicle where Rumble's weapon fits in doesn't really look like a hole simply because it looks like a gas filling up tank chamber.

Unlike knockout where the hole was looking rather odd on the vehicle mode itself. Decepticon Rumble's version is much better in design.

Next few pictures are the weapons attached to Rumble's vehicle attack mode.

Isn't this cool or what !!!!

In this way when the weapon is being turned backwards it somehow becomes like a rocket thruster for the vehicle doesn't it. Although it wasn't supposedly this way but for me it seems to me the only logical way this direction was supposed to imply otherwise.

And anyway it still looks kinda' nice.

So people this would be my last picture for this hot toy review i have made for all you beautiful toy collectors around the world. I will be back for another round of toy review really soon and i am planning to make an international website for you toy collectors out there to make it a real dream come true for every genre and type of toy collector.

Cheerzzz !!!! to all of you and i shall return.