Thursday, October 11, 2012

M.A.S.K Raven Complete Vehicle Review with Calhoun Burns !!!!

Hello there people back yet with another cool 80's retro vintage toy review for you toy collectors around the world. Hope you guys are happy that i brought back all your memories from childhood till now. And bring back all the 80's toy collections back for another revival of the past. This time it's another M.A.S.K Vehicle called Raven !!!!

The car is below. It's actually a corvette from the 80's having a Knight Rider kinda look.

Have i caught your attentions yet !!!!! Well this is one toy i never regret having and collecting and it definitely is gonna go into my toy museum in the future where i'm gonna feature all the toys from the last few decades till now and how the toys have all evolved till now.

My Raven is a complete set with all parts working and with no mechanical flaws. And i think that is the most coolest thing for this vehicle as it is so old and no more in reproduction anymore.

Next few pictures below i'm gonna show you the attack mode of Raven when it transforms.

It's really the coolest part of them all for this entire M.A.S.K Raven review.

Yes people this is the attack mode and one of the most coolest. It's actually a kind of attack boat with flaps at the side which are actually the car doors.

As you can see here above the seat belt in the driver's section where Calhoun burns fits in is all intact and in good workable condition.

These are the rocket thrusters behind the vehicle which moves the boat in attack mode !!!!

As you can see all parts are not broken.

And this is the complete set of 2 discs which fire with Calhoun burns with his mask on.

The discs fire very well and they have a small spring action at the back which enables the discs to be fired.

Well this will be the end of this hot 80's toy review. Please take note if you are a true 80's fan and also an 80's person and a passionate toy collector go get this hot toy before it's gone forever.

As these toys are no more in production these toys will definitely fetch a high price in the near future.

So please impress me with your other new collections and hot toys.

Salutes to all M.A.S.K Fans worldwide and also all toy collectors. I'll be back for more reviews.