Saturday, October 27, 2012

Masters Of The Universe Classics Trapjaw Action Figure review !!!!

Dear toy collectors and toy fans i have just reviewed my latest 2 figurines from the Masters Of The Universe Classics (M.O.T.U) toy line. This is also my ongoing collection to date and i would like to show you all the latest stuff which i have acquired through the months and i will update you as we go on toy reviews and all type of toy adventures i am going through sharing all of them with you as well.

This is Trapjaw from the Masters Of the Universe Toyline and i am telling you that this toy is really awesome !!!! Just check out this cool dude.

I must tell you i'm really fascinated by this guy. His colors are really fantastic and his overall filmation classics look is still being retained. And just look at his boots. That is just wow !!!!

His jaw can actually be removed and it's also movable up and down !!!!!

And here when Trapjaw's Metaljaw is brought down you can see his internal mouth very bloody and maybe his bloody tongue as well can be seen.

And here i have changed his normal arm to the robotic metal arm which is used to interchange weapons for attack on He-man and the rest of the crew !!!!! Here is the gun !!!!

And here is the hook weapon which is used most of the time during the 80's filmation series. Before he inter changes other weapons on his robotic arm.

And this is his claw weapon !!!!!

Altogether there are 3 interchangeable weapons excluding his normal arm !!!!

And the next few pictures will be a feature never shown in the classics filmation series but it was shown during the 2002 Masters of the Universe series but they really didn't close up his actual look before his metal jaw came about. Actually they did't even show who changed his metal jaw in the first place. But this feature never came out as a toy before but it was included this time. The normal Trapjaw whose real name was Kronis !!!!

Here is Kronis !!!!

And this is the closeup of Kronis Also known as Trapjaw !!!!!

Cool eh !!!!

This will end my review for now for this particular action figure for now.

Well let me tell ya' something go get this guy !!!! This guy is super hot and he is a must have !!!! He is one of the main bad guys in MOTU and he is always there in every episode next to skeletor. You must get this guy and all his awesomeness. He is actually sold out in Matty Collector for now but there is still plenty of places you can get him. And believe me you will never ever regret it !!!!

I'll be back people with more reviews. So bye for now !!!!! Have a great day !!!!