Thursday, November 15, 2012

MOTU Classics King Grayskull Action Figure Review !!!!!

Hi there people took a long break before posting all my toy reviews for all of you to see. I have been very enthusiatic about it for a few days but then i didn't have much time in my hands to do the toy reviews. 

Hope you all can understand me better. But no worries i always return with great reviews and updates of my toys for all of you all to see. So this is another great review of King Grayskull !!!! A Masters Of The Universe Classic in the making.

King Grayskull is an amazing figure to have and to collect as he is the man !!!! The real true He-man which enters Prince Adam !!!! And he is really authentic in design with his ancient Royal look. Who ever know that   He-man had a cool ancestor like him...

Here as you can see is King Grayskull's Orb and his half power sword. The orb is a real plastic ball which is solid but still has this very diamond colored look like it has magic in it. Cool Stuff there !!!

Like i said he comes with 2 half power swords which combines to make into one solid sword.

It is the male and the female side of the sword meaning one is He-man's and the other is She-ra's power sword.

Look at the awesome close up of King Grayskull. Well i must tell you some thing about this action figure. The figures are all made equally the same but some figures will be a bit different from the regular ones like as you can see here his forehead as a bit of hair flying on his left side and his pigtail blown to one side as well. Like i said this was made deliberately so as to make it look like as though his hair has the wind blowing effect and i got this for my action figure and i think it's really awesome !!!!!

His shield follows the exact same thing as He-man's shield.

And as you can see here his red side cloak goes well with his height and his fantastically detailed muscle details !!!!

The back of  his red cloak which is actually a soft plastic but not exactly a cloth type of thing which can be blown by the wind if that's what you think it is !!!!

And finally the last pose for my review of King Grayskull. King Grayskull was sold for the second time in Mattycollector in thier website but he got sold out within 4 days. So i ordered 3 of him. So i got another 2 unopened in the package. Well what i must say is that it's one of the best figures to be out in the Masters Of The Universe line although i know that many of the figures were actually cool as well. But take note that he will not be easy to get anymore once he is sold out as he will be in constant demand everywhere and mattycollector doesn't reproduce action figures immediately once the first round is gone. There will be some delays before the Figures return again and that is if you are lucky.

So well just go get him and enjoy !!!! I will be back soon for more toy reviews again.