Friday, November 16, 2012

MOTU Classics Battle Armor He-man Action Figure Review !!!!

Dear people and collectors from all over the world let me share with you my ongoing collections of all types of action figures from the Masters Of The Universe Classics. This is my latest in the collection and he is called Battle Armor He-man. I have also featured him in my videos on my Youtube channel explaining how the changes of the armor plate are done. But do take note the armor plate does not spin like the old classic 80's He-man vintage toy but it has retained the same look of the overall figure.

Yup as you can see He-man still retains his classic look from the 80's but now the Battle Armor He-man's function is completely different from the previous versions of him.

The back part of He-man's armor is completely awesome. It makes him extra bulky in mass and also very authentic in look as well. I am very happy that they had brought back all the vintage classics of the MOTU toys back again without missing any single details of the previous and earlier versions of the vintage 80's toys. It's really awesome.

This picture below shows the first battle damaged single slash around his chest plate that i had replaced from the completely undamaged armor plate.

And in this next picture...
shows the second battle damaged double slash around his chest plate that i had replaced from the completely undamaged armor plate.

This complete set of Battle armor He-man comes with 3 accessories other then his own clean chest plate.

They are his 2 battle damaged chest plates and his battle axe seen below this line.

So this will be the last picture for my review of my latest toy from the Masters of the Universe Series Battle Armor He-man but don't worry there will be more upcoming toy reviews to come along the way.

Battle Armor He-man has been sold out in Mattycollector as well so you gotta get him else where or you can also get him from me.

I have lots of toys in my collection to let go if people give me a good deal. Masters Of  The Universe action figures are usually produced in very little quantity so you will always end up waiting for the toy long periods of time before it's re-released in their site for orders.

So get your MOTU Classics before they stop producing the Entire collection. And enjoy the weekend as i will bring up more interesting toy reviews next week.