Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NECA Robocop 25th Anniversary Action Figure !!!!

Dear people excuse my much long reviews this month as i was like so busy with so many other stuff that i didn't have any time to review toys so far. But I'm back with a cool review of my new action figure from the past. And such a big icon in the late 80's going on to the 90's. It's Robocop !!!! And you know what is cool about him ??? He comes with a Spring loaded weapon holster where his gun is being stored.

Yup doesn't he look so classic !!!! Man this guy was my icon during the initial movie release in 1990 and i was totally thrilled by him as he was the man and machine icon which was popular right after terminator. And Robocop took on a whole new revolution in the film industry as he was really original.

And here you can see the spring holster containing his gun. There is a button on the back of the leg which can be pressed to release the holster. Then you can push back the front part to get it back to it's original leg form of Robocop.The parts are delicate though and it's really awesome that the leg attaches back into place without even revealing the weapon inside his leg !!!! That's really amazing.

As you can see here from the picture above his gun is removed and the holster is put back into place again. And yes the weapon can be removed.

The back of Robocop is also one hell of an artpiece.

The details are so movie perfect. This is like a real authentic statue of the actual Robocop. Who would even believe that this was a toy until i have reviewed it here.

This is the other part the sharp edge of his hand which can be used to imput data into the computer. This is an extra item which can be detached and be replaced with the actual arm holding the weapon. You can see more details on my youtube channel.

A more closer look of the arm from the front angled view. Well this will be the last picture for this review i will be back with more reviews. Hope you can wait up for me as i am too busy running a tight schdule so please keep it here for more interesting toy reviews. Cheerzzz !!!!!