Monday, August 15, 2011


One of my Favourite toys of all time is soundwave i just like this robot very much.
It's a Classic from the Transformers timeline.
And any collector who love Transformers in general will include this robot in his/her Collection !!!!

Soundwave In Packaging

I've taken the time to put some pictures of the Classic Transformer Soundwave .

Soundwave Robot

Soundwave Tape Recorder

This Classic collection Reminds me of my childhood when this toy was $50 and that was the year 1988.

Anybody who has this collection will have value for money because this toy is in high demand and a very hard collection to come by.

I hope collectors will share thier rare collections with me in this blog
I will also some cool pics of my collections so as to be able to exchange views and see rare collections from all transformers fans !!