Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Starwars Barc Speeder with Clone Trooper Review

Starwars vehicles were always a part of my interest for very long other then the action figures itself. Reason being they were always unique and nice in design. The vehicles were much lesser then the action figures which had many different versions of the same character. But for this review i am showing you a Starwars Vehicle haven't been released before until now.

It was released recently for the Latest Starwars Franchise (Episode 1) 3D.

It is called the Barc Speeder.

This vehicle is like a motorbike with a spaceship type of design. It has rotating wheels behind the vehicle and in front of the vehicle as well.

And now i'm gonna show you the Clone trooper which comes with this package.
Below is the picture of the Clone trooper.

The very unique part of this Clone Trooper action figure is that the Head gear or should i say helmet can be removed. As the picture shown below.

A close up of the Clone trooper.

This is a very cool toy and if you'd ask me and i will say only one thing to you before i end this review and that is go get this toy before it's gone cos it's limited and won't be around much longer.