Saturday, April 7, 2012

Starwars Shock Trooper Exclusive Review !!!!!

The latest line of Starwars action figures are rather coll and unique in collection. But i have realised that there were some figures in from the Star wars episode 1 which were never re-released for this latest toy lines but rather that they have included other new action figures never released previously in the Starwars franchise. Well this was one of the figures which wasn't release before (well I've never seen it before previously). But i have recently been fascinated with the different type of troopers in the Starwars Franchise which i am particularly very interested in.

This boils to this exclusive review of the latest toy which i have got from the Starwars franchise.

Let me present to you the Starwars Shock Trooper

Well featured here is what the entire package comes with the shock trooper itself.

I like the little cube which comes with it which i will show below. 

It's actually a dice which is used in the Galactic card game which is given with this action figure consortment.

The Card used in the galactic card game.

In this latest editions of Starwars action figures each figure comes with a display stand like this so that you can put your action figure like this in my picture below.

The Red paint on the Shock Trooper is very unique in it's creation. If i remember properly several Shock Troopers appeard towards the ending of Episode 3 the part where Anakin Skywalker gets burnt in the hot larvae thus causing him to burn in flames when Darth Sidious visits him. And some Shock troopers take orders from Darth Sidious.

The long rifle which comes with this action figure looks rather cool with the Shock Trooper holding it.

Picture of the Shock Trooper with the actual Small rifle.

And Lastly a close up of the Shock Trooper's face. They actually have abit of the same look with the Calssic version of the Imperial Storm Trooper but rather modified and colored for design. My favorite toys in the 80's were the Imperial Storm Troopers and Darth Vader (well of course). And back then Starwars episode 1,2 and 3 were not created as yet so the toys were limited. But thanks to the latest Starwars Franchise there were other new action figures to collect and new characters were created as well.

If you haven't got your shock Trooper go get your shock trooper today s they are limited and there won't be anymore till the new Starwars toys start coming in. I really like the colors of this particular trooper and hope you do too.

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