Sunday, April 22, 2012

Transformers Prime First Edition Takara Tomy Deluxe Vehicon Exclusive long review !!!!!

Hello there people and fellow toy collectors. It's been a few days since i updated the site because of my recent toy collections and sorting of various toys for review right here. I wanted to consolidate the toys which i haven't reviewed as such so i just wanted to update you with as many toy reviews as possible for the best of your toy collecting interests and favorite collections.

This is one of the toy from Transformers Prime which i collected some months back actually but because of the overwhelming response of the other toys from the Transformers Prime series i had to put up the most recent favorites which people were looking for, for reviews and updates.

Well this was actually a much delayed review of this favorite from the Transformers Prime series. It is the Vehicon !!!! Below.

The Vehicon is a fairly new concept in the Transformers Direction actually because they are vehicle type of drones which make up the Decepticon army of Megatron. And this is the first time i have seen a concept brought about like this for an army of the Decepticons, other then the other individual decepticons. They all have just one name and they are actually just an army of robots with a same design as well. But for this particular toy what i liked the most is the bright coloring of the toy itself which makes it look so special in design and looks as well.

This is a pose with him holding his single barelled Laser gun. It can't really be seen in this direction but in the next few pictures you will see in the different angled views of him holding his weapon.

And a close up of Vehicon's face up close and personal. Pretty cool eh !!!!

And in the next pictures below will be the Vehicle mode of Vehicon a kind of Batmobile shaped car with a cybertronian look.

The above pictures are the Vehicon's weapons attached to the vehicle for attack mode which was never seen in the Transformers Prime Series though.

But it's quite a cool concept for the toy itself i suppose.

Well this will end the Review of my Vehicon for now. More great updates here for my blog and updates on my Youtube channel as well Cheerzzz !!!!

And my usual pose for Transformers Prime guys !!!!!