Saturday, April 28, 2012

Transformers Prime (R.I.D) Autobot Ratchet Long Review !!!!

Dear people i sincerely apologize for the slightly long break i took from organising a review of my toys simply because of the video i was taking on youtube are very time consuming and very hard on my time as well. But it's all good to make more video reviews of the toys that i have been wanting to show you. Well now i will be going back to basics and showing you the latest toys as what i had promised with my previous reviews so that you can stay updated in the Transformers toy world and know what has come and what to get for yourself if it's nice and authentic to collect which brings me to this exclusive review.

This guy has been a round for a while during the earlier times when the Transformers Convention was around but i only managed to get it in the open market only later on as it was in limited quantity i think !!!! Well i must say me and my friend got the last 3 pieces at last and there was no more left so imagine how popular was this guy !!!!

Well this is Autobot Ratchet !!!!!!

As you can see Ratchet is very different in color and is really outstanding in his features. The reason why i say that is because the red really brings out the white colors in him and that makes this action toy very unique. But I'm afraid the white colors will get dirty easily if you don't keep them properly or you accidently dip the figure in cooking oil, grease or coffee, don't you agree ????

Making some cool poses were really good with Ratchet as Ratchet was very good in stability and was a very well designed toy. The legs have good balance and very good posture as well. His waist areas can be moved sideways for better poses and flexibility. 

A close up of Ratchet's face but if you notice right here that he has a smile on his face compared to the grumpy look he used to have in the animated series. Usually with a short temper .

Here above are the Blades which comes with Ratchet exclusively !!!! The Blades are not often used in the animated series because he is always at he headquarters doing the ground bridge teleporting the Autobots from location to location but thought of giving him some cool action looks with this particular toy for this cool review !!!!

Well enough about the Robot version of Ratchet with his cool poses and repetitions now let's go to the vehicle mode of ratchet which is an Emergency respond ambulance !!! Well that's what i suppose becuase he is painted red all over !!!! Below .....

This next picture below will be the Short blades with Ratchet which i use to put on top of the ambulance form of ratchet's vehicle mode . It's just a new modification doesn't serve any purpose though but i just put it that way to make it look unique. Hope you are okay with that !!!

And this is actually the real attack mode of Ratchet as the blades are put in front of the vehicle to make it looks like it has two horns for a good battering.  

Well this will end my reviews of the pictures of Autobot Ratchet. For me this toy is important for me to complete the Autobot army collection of Transformers Prime and thanks to Hasbro they made this figure and i managed to get it in the fastest possible time and the availability of the toy itself. I think this is also a great toy to have and to own as it is also a very nice figure for a collector like m and it's very unique in design too. Though you got to keep it properly to prevent the white part of Ratchet clean and neat.

So keep it right here more reviews coming your way. I'm trying to get the (R.I.D) version of Vehicon. And when i get that toy i will definitely be here to review it first for you collectors and fans out there. Cheerzzz !!!!