Friday, April 13, 2012

Transformers Generations Scourge Review

It's been sometime since i have reviewed Transformers toys lately but it's all for good cause. Come on guys i also need to review other cool and latest toys too right? Well Transformers toys are never forgotten of course. So now i have done a comeback on the latest toys before Transformers Prime toy line. Transformers Generations which were also a big hit for some time as they were the remold of the original Transformers Generation 1 toyline. And anybody who loves Transformers (like me !!!!) will always have a flashback of the toys as before.

As i have said this is Scourge from Transformers Generations.

Scourge is an interesting robot because of his face and his unique colors of white and blue. This was actually how he looked like in his Generation 1 style form. And besides his color his robot form also looks kinda cool like an old wizard of oz !!!!! He's got an awesome old school looking classic ancient form.

In this picture above i really like the downward facial look of Scourge makes him look so cool and so composed. The colors on Scourge makes him so photogenic in the daylight. It makes his colors stand out of the background color. The paint job on him is great and very consistent.

This is the weapon which he holds in his hands. A so called double top barreled gun.

This is the look from behind with his wings all folded up, going towards the side of the body.

Well in the next picture below you can see the wings being opened up as a compartment for storage of his weapons. Hmm , that is kinda unique because most Transformers planes have wings, but the wings can't open up the way like what Scourge's wings does below.

The front look of Scourge with the wings behind opened up.

And below the close up of his face.

Next i'm gonna show you the vehicle mode of Scourge. Which is below.

Looks like a modern age Manta ray doesn't it ?

In this angle i have taken the vehicle mode looks like a person's face.

It actually looks like a modern stealth fighter from this angle it's just that the stealth fighter is black in color but scourge isn't.

Scourge is a rather cool toy and definitely an important character series for a long time now.

It's one of the characters i still see in the shops and it's still available in the open market but nor for long.

So get your Scourge today. Cheerz !!!!