Friday, April 6, 2012

Marvel The Avengers Comic Series Hawkeye Review Exclusive !!!!

Got this figure around last week. It has now started to be The Avengers Fever after the recent Starwars Saga was over. Well i must say the figures in The Avengers toy line are rather nice for collection. And as a collector what i would say is that you should be getting this toys as well. Because once the Avengers movie starts it won't end just like Transformers. The story will go on so the movie toys in the First Avengers Movie will be very antique and exclusive collection as they are the first in the series. Well as a collector i have noticed all of this trends for years and years. So take my advice guys !!!!! 

Well without furthur explanations and details i will get right to it.

This is Hawkeye from the Avengers new toyline. 

Look at the Details of this character. It's fantastic isn't it??? The outfit is rather different in a sense i have't seen this kind of outfit for Hawkeye in his earlier editions so this makes him rather unique in look for this time round.

As you can see in the side views above look at  the arms of Hawkeye . They have very nice arm details like as though it's the real arm of a human being. This is a very good job done by Hasbro in making the very little details in this action figure. The muscled arms on Hawkeye are awesome !!!!

The Gun Pouch above is movable along the waist with the belt around Hawkeye's Waist. The Pistol which comes with this package also can be put in his pouch above.

The crossbow and the pistol in both of his hands !!!!

The Classic look with both guns saying Stick em' up !!!!!

The close up of Hawkeye's face !!!!

The torpedos in his backpack. You must take note that the back pack which comes with Hawkeye is permanently attached to his body so it can't be removed bit it seems okay as it is very unique and nice with this particular action figure.

Heavy artillery here !!!!! This is the ultimate weapon given with this action figure which gives it a kind of authentic look. It's actually hard to make this pose but i managed to do it. The problem with this action figure is you need to make lots of adjustments to make the toy pose the way you want it.

Took me almost an hour to make this poses and present this entire review for you.

I particularly took this pose to show you bending his back a bit backwards so it seems as though Hawkeye is carrying an heavy weapon and he has to bend his body to carry it on his hands !!!!

An last but not least the angled view of how he is suppose to look with his weapon. The way which was meant to be. This toy is one interesting design and you should get it before the new wave of toys hit the stores and this entire colletion will either be wiped out or removed for the new toy collections to come into the shelves. Well keep it right here more toy reviews coming your way and be sure to look at my new videos on Youtube. Laterzzz !!!!!