Saturday, November 12, 2011

Transformers Generations (Red Alert)

This is another review of a toy in my collection called Red Alert .
It's an old Classic too.
It's now reproduced again with an enhanced look.

Yup this is Red Alert !!!!

A side pose with his gun .

Another cool pose of an angled view i took of Red alert .
I find this toy to be cool considering it's bright colors and a cool new remake of the classic figure itself.

A front look of our Red alert

A cool pose i think you fans out there will like.

The pounding sucker punch look of the toy i have taken !!!

Another front view with his weapon.

I am gonna punch you again .

An angled pose of the figure.

And lastly a cool pose of him showing his gun at you !!!!

Red Alert Transforms into the police coupe which is also cool

Check it out below...

Yup the police Coupe

Side view of the coupe.

Another side view

The other part of the coupe

Towards the Front look of the Coupe

Back of the Coupe

A back angled view

Front view

A good Top view of the Coupe

An angled view again 

Generally i would say that this is a toy for any classic toy collector and a tranformers fan
whether he is in to the movie or not the movie because this toys are also equally awesome and nice to collect.

So go get some money get yourself some more toys cos this is one to add into your existing collection. Bright colors and good design is in this toy Red Alert !!!

More reviews coming up shortly.