Saturday, November 19, 2011

DOTM (Deluxe) Laserbeak

This is Laserbeak

Laserbeak's Role in Transformers (DOTM) is being an infiltrator and an assasin .

He Serves Soundwave his master .

Laserbeak is always a mechanical Bird from the early times from the 80's cartoons till the latest movie (DOTM) now.

Infact the one of the main Characters Soundwave uses to do his spying with.

A rear end angled view of our well known loves assasin !!!

A side view of Lasebeak

And this is the Form he transforms into in attack or communication and infiltration mode.

The Problem with this toy is that in the movie he dosen't transform into this mode....

this particular mode is taken from the 80's version generation 1 Laserbeak which actually transforms into this mode.

But nevertheless this is actually also cool considering myself as a toy collector .

Any transformers fan will actually love this toy in general because of the character itself.

This is his 2 Weapons which will be mounted on the circular disc looking things which is at his wings.

This is the weapon mounted on our Laserbeak .

An angled view of Laserbeak with his weapons.

And finally a top view of Laserbeak 

All in all i love this toy very much and from any collectors point of view i definitely would like this toy in my collections considering his role and importance ... Laserbeak definitely shows up in any type of Transformers series be it a cartoon or animated etc.

This is simply because if Soundwave is there Laserbeak will definitely be there too.

Laserbeak kill them all'

With Pleasure !!!!