Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Transformers ( First Movie Recap ) Toys

Here i have my First Transformers Movie Toys which i collected when the First Transformers movie came out.
Hope you guys will recall it .

Yes it's the first time Barricade Fights Bumblebee in a classic Transformers face off !!!

This is one of the fights i like in the movie opening when 2 Actual Robots Autobot Vs Decepticon Encounter, And i personally think it's very cool.

Here in the next pic is the Close up shot of the box.

Frenzy is in the vehicle and i didn't take him out cos i just wanted to show the 2 vehicles which were in the box the first time i bought.

Hope you guys like it ..

Transformers Movie toys are always thrilling to collect and always fun to play with when you keep on seeing the movies again and again like what i'm doing myself .