Thursday, March 14, 2013

MOTU Classics Ram Man Action Figure Review !!!!

Dear fans and Masters of the Universe Lovers. I am back again with another awesome review. This has been the talk of the town or should i say the whole toy world of this guy's anticipated release !!!! And guess what he has already been released.

Lucky for me i am a subscriber so these classic toys will be on my doorstep every single month !!!!

Well this guy has already been sold out !!!! And he isn't available in .

So i got him for myself and boy did i have a good time opening him up and playing with him !!!!

Well this is none other then Ram Man !!!!

Look at the detail of Ram Man. He is actually a remold of the Classic Ram Man from the 80's filmation style outfit mixed with the 2002 version of his face in the later He-man animated series. I really love the chrome style paint on his helmet and upper body.

You must be aware that his armored helmet on his head can't be removed. It's secured to his head !!!!

As you can see here in the above picture Ram Man's boots look like the classic safety shoes doesn't it ??? 
although it was supposed to be his boots !!!! But because of the wide width of his boots he is very secure if you display him. He doesn't fall that easily.

As you can see here in the picture above there is kind of a hook which comes with his armor.

The hook like thing behind Ram Man actually hold his battle axe, which you will see in the picture below.

Like i told you people before in my earlier pictures of Ram Man from the rear view.

There was this hook joint type of thing to hold his axe into place. And as you can see from the pictures above that is just it. But this the view of him from the front with his axe behind his back.

The picture is below.

And just look at the awesome look of Ram Man with his amazing close up !!!!

The Silverish armor and his face with his Battering Ram Helmet it's all good ......

Another accessory which comes with Ram Man is his extra head without his helmet on.

The other accessory is his battle axe.

Well people this will be the last picture for this particular review of Ram Man.

Let me tell you something this guy will definitely increase in price. He won't be re-released anytime soon so it will be a waste if you didn't get him. But unfortunately you gotta get him else where besides .

I am selling all the MOTU Classics toys here as well. So you can see them here in my blog as well.

Well hope you like my review here for Ram Man and i will back for more hot toy reviews so keep it here.

Thanks and cheerzzz !!!!!

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