Saturday, March 16, 2013

Transformers Prime Beasthunters Smokescreen Review !!!!!

Hello there people i'm back with an awesome hot review of the latest toy from Transformers Prime Beasthunters series. And this guy was the most anticipated release !!!! Everybody was practically waiting for this guy to be released but it took some time !!! I waited for him for quite a long time as well.

But he has finally been released and boy is he selling fast !!!!

Well he is none other then Smokescreen !!!!

As you can see from the above pictures smokescreen is extremely cool with his colors following the same way as how he looked like in the animated series as well.

This is one of the weapons which comes with Smokescreen in the pictures above . I haven't showed you all the pictures of the bullet which goes with it just yet.

You will see more details as i go along with this review....

Look at the awesome close up of Smokescreen !!!! He looks exactly the same as what he looked like in the animated series. And boy i am happy to have him as he is the only autobot to complete the collecton of autobots from Transformers Prime. The only thing i'm wondering is why was he released in the Beasthunters Series as Beasthunters seems to be another complete storyline away from the Transformers Prime series !!!!

As you can see here in the above picture is the bullet which comes with his gun . It's actually kinda big with the web like spread out !!! Well it seems that weapons from the toys never actually follow the exact same thing as the series as well.

Well this is the fully equipped Smoke screen in the above picture shown. This comes with all the weapons and accessories all put into him as one piece. But i just wonder why the shield type of housing goes acroos his shoulders down his chest ???? But do take note that the all this accessories as you can see other then the gun itself are all soft rubbery material which won't be dangerous as they are not hard and sharp. But still you gotta be careful as they may pose some kind of danger to kids.

So adult collectors be aware.

Next will be the Vehicle mode of Smokescreen which is really awesome as well.

Smokescreen looks equally awesome in his vehicle race car mode !!!!

I think he is the best looking autobot in vehicle and robot mode from all the rest of the autobots from the Transformers Prime series don't you agree ???

As you can see here from the above picture this is the so called attack mode of Smokescreen in vehicle mode. The same accessories i showed you before are all included together in his vehicle mode as well.

Well as you can see here this is quite a neat looking attack mode of Smokescreen i would say.

Well ladies and gentlemen this will be my last picture for this review of Smokescreen !!!!!

I will be back for another review of the Transformers Prime and others from other toy lines as well.

Please take note that this guy is something you really don't wanna miss and also this would also be one of the most collectible robots from the Transformers Prime series you really gotta have in your possession. Imagine in the first week this was like the most fastest seller.

It sold out in my countries store in singapore within 4 days.

Well you gotta be fast if you saw this guy in the store cos i think he won't be back again anytime soon once he's sold out so cheerzz !!!! And hope you like my review so far .....