Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WWE Superstar #49 Beth Phoenix Action Figure Review !!!!

Hello there people let me present to you my most valued possession. It is this WWE Diva Action figure which i am also collecting as well. This is Beth Phoenix with her new outfit which i have seen myself when she was wrestling.

WWE Female action figures are really cool. And this ongoing action figure collection will be one of them as i will show it to you in my review here as well.

As you can see here Beth Phoenix comes with her most recent outfit which you might have seen in her last few years.

Please take note that her shoulder bands on the top of her shoulders can be removed as well as you can see in the below pictures as a review Beth Phoenix.

Above you can see here in the picture above her shoulder pads are being removed.

And you must also notice her outfit to her top part of her body is also attached to her body.

Her leather outfit can't be removed !!!!!

As you can see above this is the back of Beth Phoenix.

Her upper body can be moved upwards and downwards and side ways as well.

And here above is the last picture for this particular review.

And this is the close up of Beth Phoenix.

WWE Diva action figures make excellent display items so get you Beth Phoenix today !!!!

I'll be back people with more hot toy reviews.