Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hotwheels Batman Forever Batmobile X4036 mini car review !!!!!!

Dear people check out my ongoing collection of Die cast metal cars from Hotwheels which i always collect in random. This cool new Batman series Batmobiles from the Hotwheels series are extremely cool and very detailed in design as well.

Well without furthur ado i shall review the mini diecast metal mini car from hotwheels the Batman Forever Batmobile !!!!

Isn't this cool ??? You know from this angle the Batmobile actually looks so real like the Toy car from the 90's. I was actually fascinated with this scale model of the Batman Forever Batmobile when i saw it in this mini size. Actually one of the better looking Batmobiles up till now is the Batman Forever version of the Batmobile.

Here in the above picture is the top view of the Batmobile. 

Even the wheels of the Batmobile have the Bat logos imprinted on them.

This was one of the details which i never knew i would see in this small mini version from hotwheels. But then again cool !!!!

In this above picture is one other detail which i wanna show all of you. The Batmobile's seating area which has a cover can be slided forward to open up the driver's area of the Batmobile. Awesome !!!! I never knew that hotwheels included this details for this version of the car. All the more it's all good.

So here above is the seating area of the Batmobile which i have taken in close up for all of you people to see the details. And with this picture above i end my review of this particular toy. There will be more toys upcoming soon. And let me tell you get this limited edition Batmobile cars from hotwheels. They are totally awesome and very cool as a collection as well.

This version from hotwheels for the batmobiles will be limited and won't be re-manufactured anytime soon.

So get it before you regret it and cheerzz !!!!!

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