Monday, March 4, 2013

M.A.S.K Wildcat with Buddy "Clutch" Hawks and Ditcher mask Full review !!!!!

Hello there people i'm back with another classic toy review which was one of my favorite during the 80's but just didn't have the chance to own it during my time. This is the M.A.S.K Toy series line from the 80's i'm talking about !!!!

Wildcat is one of the most coolest and most unique vehicle during it's time. And the transformation attack mode is simply awesome. Needless to say this is one classic toy i never ever wanna let go.

With that ladies and gentlemen this is Wildcat complete with all accessories and Clutch Hawks and his Ditcher Mask.

Like i said even my friends were surprised to see that i actually had this toy. For some this brought about childhood memories and for some it's like an 80's toy dream come true especially for me.

Wildcat is actually a tow truck as you can see here.

As you can see here in the above picture this is the side view of the vehicle where Buddy Hawks is seated inside the tow truck.

You can see the crane from the side which hoists the hook to tow a vehicle. Well i actually never tried it but that was the purpose of this tow truck i guess ..... 

As you can see here above this is the chrome colored hoist which actually hooks onto a vehicle when lifted by the crane above. Behind is the sticker labelled Wildcat !!!!

Here is Buddy 'Clutch' Hawks with his Ditcher Mask in his hands.

Here in the above picture is the driver seat area where Buddy Hawks actually fits in and is seated in the Vehicle. But take note getting him to seat in the position as you are seeing is really hard..... as his legs has to be properly folded to fit in the vehicle which is quite a tedious task i must say.

And below this line are the awesome pictures of Wildcat in attack mode which was rather unexpected as nobody ever imagined that it would be actually like this.

The above picture is the front part of the vehicle facing backwards towards the side of the crane and the picture below is the reverse ,as in the front part faces the engine side of the vehicle !!!! Take note that the top front part of wildcat pivots 360 degrees and that's what makes it really exciting !!!!

The above picture shows the M.A.S.K Logo revealed on the back part when the attack mode is launched.

And this picture above is the last picture for my review of M.A.S.K Wildcat.

As you can see here the discs fit into the front part of the vehicle and it shoots of discs when you move the vehicle forward. The forward motion activates a spring action which causes the discs to shoot off the vehicle engine block !!!! 

Well people hope you liked this particular review of this vehicle i have more to come and more exciting reviews and interesting toys for all of you in time to come so keep it here where it all happens and i will see you all really soon.