Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Transformers Prime Voyager Predaking (Leader of the Predacons) Review

Dear people i'm back after a quick break and giving you a review of the latest toy from my Transformers Prime Collection !!!! A great deal is put into the design of this toy and i'm gonna review it now. It's really awesome !!!! Without further ado this is Predaking leader of the Predacons !!!!

Look at the awesome pose of Predaking !!!! His orange and black is really cool !!!! Well this is one awesome toy you should not miss for anything !!!! 

Even from the back Predaking looks awesome !!!! His wings are like well designed with his back part of the body !!!! 

This is one of the weapons Predaking uses, a kind of chop axe.

Weapon has a groove sticking out which is attached to his hands !!!!

And this is his two cannons which stick out his arms. They are actually 2 dragon heads each on one part of his hands. The dragon heads have bullets in them to shoot of the ammunations.

A one pose you must admit is so cool !!!!! The 2 cannons like a cool assasin !!!!

Well enough said the picture speaks for itself.

This is the Predaking in the closeup !!!!

He looks like a Dark Demon lord doesn't he ????

Next few pictures will feature Predaking in his beast mode !!!!

His beast mode is really fantastic.

He is a .....

Dragon !!!!

The Dragon is really cool !!!!

And he looks so much different then his robot mode !!!!

And in the above picture you can see the 2 dragon heads which were cannons on his hands actually become 2 more additional dragon heads.

Predaking now becomes a triple headed Dragon !!!

Well the above picture will be the last picture for this review of the awesome Predaking !!!!

Well enough said this is one of the best toys i have ever seen in the Transformers Prime series and this is one toy you should collect and should not miss having !!!

Well enough said, I'll be back for more reviews, Cheerzzz !!!!