Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beast Machines Tankor Evil Vehicon Review !!!!

I'm back with a classic vintage toy not really for the 80's but from the 90's era actually. Remember the Beast wars series in Transformers ??? Well this toy is dated way back then. This is also a Vehicon and an evil one as well. Much like the latest vehicons from the Transformers Prime series,but the only difference is this is a far more different vehicle and more over there are no general or leader available for this Vehicons in the Transformers Prime series but for this particular character it has one.

I'm talking about Tankor !!!!

Tankor is actually a general of the Tank drones.

Well that was what was mentioned in the package. He is a cool looking robot with a really bulky look. Look at the claws which are his actual arms. There is also a cannon around his left  shoulder which is not detachable like most Transformers toys nowadays.

But nevertheless it still looks cool.

Vintage and classic is still cool,cos the beast wars has practically ended.

Tankor also looks cool from this angled pose.

Well this is one of the coolest robots to actually own but the only problem wit this old Transformers toys is that they are more stiff and articulation and movement are kinda limited but they actually make great display items.

This is a close up of his face !!!!

Now the next few pictures i will show you the vehicle mode of Tankor !!!!

The Fantastic Heavy Duty Tank !!!!

As you notice from the front upper part of the tank containing the cannon looks exactly like tankor's face right ????

The tank was a rather cool concept for beast wars as Beast wars were mostly animal modes and this was actually a vehicle.

The Side view is also cool there are wheels underneath the tank which enables the tank to actually move.

The Back of the Tank.

Well for this particular toy is it's actually kinda rare and a mega collectible for those people who love beast wars. I love some of the authentic vehicle concepts and some other beast modes as well of other characters.

Beast wars was kinda original in concept but wasn't very appealing to the masses as Transformers were mostly seen more as vehicle modes rather then animals.

With that i end this review and hope you like my review and i'll be back with more cool new and oldtoy reviews as well. Till then cheerzz !!!!