Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MOTU Classics Netossa Action Figure Review !!!!!

Dear people let me share with you my latest subscription figure from . I subscribed to all the figures for the year so all of you who didn't or are waiting for a toy of this sort to be released again the chances are they are very unlikely.

Reason being they were produced in priority for subcribers and once the early bird orders of the same figures are bought earlier (which is always the case) there won't be any of the same type of figures available again to the open public !!!! I know that sucks .... so i guess being a subscriber is a very prestigious and a priority for all this limited edition action figures.

Well for this case i have got Netossa !!!!

My Subscription figure to date !!!! for the new year !!!!

As you can see here from the above picture that Netossa is awesome. She is one of the characters which appeared in the She-ra series actually. Well that was like just around 2 or 3 episodes. But this action figure is picture perfect and very accurate to the animated series from the 80's as well.

As you can see here from the back of her cape is like a net type of webbing with a light blue edge around the webbing itself. A very unique concept for an action figure of this sort.

Her Face close up is very well done and her dark skin tone with her blue type of hair is really very contrasting on the figure itself to bring out the looks.

The only accessory which comes with Netossa is just her shield.

Well that's about it for this action figure i guess. The shields come with almost all the female action figures. Same designs but different colors for the MOTU Classics.

Well with that this above picture is the last picture for this review of this Masters Of  The Universe Character.

Hope you all like my review and i will be back for more reviews for your pleasant surprise.

Cheerzz everybody and i will see you all here again.

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