Saturday, February 23, 2013

The TRASHPACK Series 1 Collector's Trashcan with 2 Exclusive Trashies Review !!!!!!

Hello there i'm back with another one of my reviews. This time is the latest toy well not exactly latest but it was released last year and it wasn't really available in my country here in singapore earlier. I think they just brought it recently so that they could see whether it could really sell but it does !!!! Well for this Collector's Trash Can from the TRASHPACK Series is still limited in retail outlets and you gotta hunt for it to get yourself a piece as it is pretty rare to get.

Well to make you at ease i shall share with you my Collector's Trash Can.

Look at the fantastic artwork on the can itself. It's really awesome. The colors are painted on this metallic aluminium type of can. This can isn't plastic like the other mini cans containing the trashies. This is purely metallic chrome.

Here above is the slight rear of the Trashcan which has artwork as well. I really love this collector's trash can as it cool like a trashcan yet has a unique look to it which makes it so collectible and eye catching.

As you can see in the picture below is the top of the Trashcan lid which has also some awesome artwork as well. Remember this artwork aren't stickers but embedded print on the can which is permanent. So it is important for you to store this Trashcan properly so that the colors don't fade,cos in time it will.

The above picture are the contents when opened up. The Black colored plastic which is reasonably soft and fragile is actually the storage of the mini Trashcans. You can store up to 18 Trashcans with Trashies.

As you can see above these are the 2 Trashcans which come with the Collector's Trashcan and they come with 2 exclusive Trashies. 

The Trashies will be shown below. The one i got !!!!

Yup this 2 Trashies were the one in the Package !!!!

Just look at the White Skull Trashie. He is absolutely awesome.

And below will be the last 2 pictures of the trashies in closeup.

Yup just look at these guys (I mean the Trashies) .

Well as for this review i will stop right here and be back for more toy reviews in the upcoming months. Enough said go and get this Trashcan,cos it's awesome well you can buy it from me as well but there is a price !!!!

Pm me in my facebook profile pages or email or comment if you need this Trashcans.

Thanks and Cheerzz toy lovers !!!!