Saturday, February 16, 2013

Transformers Prime First Edition Terrorcon Cliffjumper Review !!!!

Hello there people back with another review which i should have done a long time back but was held back due to unforseen circumstances. Well this time it's Transformers Prime First Edition Series. Transformers Prime is my favorite after the Transformers Movie itself and i really love the toy line from this series as well.

Well enough said this Terrorcon Cliffjumper.

Isn't he cool or what. Love the damaged version of his body look and the defected looks. Makes him look so twisted !!!!

Well twisted for me is cool !!!!

He is actually just a slight remold change of the normal Cliffjumper.

The back of Terrorcon Cliffjumper is really cool as well. The Dark energon effect is really well done on the entire body of Cliffjumper. The broken horn type of thing is also broken on his head just like in the animated series as well.

Look at the extreme closeup of Terrorcon Cliffjumper. Very cool indeed with the eyes uneven and the face damage and Cliffjumper practically looks evil and zombified.

The next few pictures beyond this line will be the pictures of Terrorcon Cliffjumper's vehicle mode but the damaged twisted repainted version as well of the original Cliffjumper.

The overall mustang type of car mode of Terrorcon Cliffjumper is practically the same but with a more car damaged look. It's actually quite unique and put next to your existing Transformers Prime Collection.

Well this above picture is just a side view of the overall vehicle. So basically this will be the last picture for this review and i will be back for more reviews and more cool authentic stuff.

Till then i would want all of you just to hang on for more awesome reviews.

And go get this guy !!!!

Cheerzzz !!!!

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